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Why Split should be your next co-working location - Marjan

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The lungs of the city

marjan hill split croatia

Marjan Hill is the gem of Split, providing us with the space to go walking, running or cycling. It has paved routes for those wishing to wander and chat with their friends whilst pushing a pram, but also dirt tracks for the more adventurous bikers or trek runners.

It provides shade from the summer sun, and has a number of places where you can strip to your swimwear and go for a dip. You can even find your own cove to swim in during those busy summer months. Just be careful of the sharp rocks that line this coast.

The thick canopy also provides some protection in places from the wind and rain, meaning even in winter you can enjoy the park, just wrap up and go.

360° panaromic views

top marjan hill split croatia flag

At the top of the hill you can enjoy views of the islands, the city, Kaštela bay and the sea. Be warned - there are over 300 stairs to get you all the way there, but anyone can do it at a leisurely pace. There is a train that runs during the summer months for those who need a bit of support, and there's also a road up to the top making it wheelchair accessible.

On the way up you may pass a cafe called Teraca Vidilica, so stop here for a coffee or rakija if you need it. You will also walk past an outdoor theatre, a playground and the old city zoo.

If you reach the top, and don't have to stop, then carry on over to the other side, where you will find the Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries and depending on the route you take you may past people climbing on the various climbing walls on the side of the hill.

Relax and take it easy

So after a hard day's work at the coworking space, go for an evening stroll round the park. Or save it for the weekend- take a picnic, invite your friends and find your own beach to set up for the evening, watching the sunset and the stars, in this truly wonderful place in the city.

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