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Why Split should be your next co-working location - Climate

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Hot summers, mild winters

When you love the sun and heat as much as we do, you might want to escape those chilly northern European countries over winter. So what better place to escape to than Split.

With a hot Mediterranean climate, Split can sometimes get a bit hot in the summer, on some days reaching 40 degrees Celsius. That's fine though, as we have air conditioning in our workspace, and the sea is just 15 minutes away. Cold beer is aplenty too, or an ice coffee if you're working.

If that does sound too hot for you, then perhaps come in Autumn or Spring, when things cool down a bit to between an average of 10 - 20 degrees. October and November often surprise people with their t-shirt temperatures, whilst March and April can bring a bit of rain but also remain fairly mild. Also, thanks to the warm summer months, you can brave the sea in October and November too. These cooler seasons offer plenty of sunshine and the perfect weather for hiking.

Winter does come to Split, but the city isn't cold enough for snow. You will see the mountains surrounding Split topped with snow while you still sit outside, albeit with a jumper, sipping your coffee.

Actually I lied, it did snow once recently, and people still went and played 'picigin' (photo credit and more info about Picigin, from a great site Total Croatia News).

picigin split croatia

Watch out for the winds

We must warn you, for all the mild weather and sun, the winds and rain can stop play from time to time.

The words 'Bura' and 'Jugo' will be heard throughout the year, and be wary when you hear them. Bura is a strong wind from the north east, which brings chilly and fresh air, clearing the sky and any cobwebs. Expect to see coats, scarves and gloves, as it can feel like subzero temperatures have set in.

In contrast, Jugo comes from the south east, bringing warmer winds but normally rain that blows in every direction, so forget about battling it with your umbrella. People often complain of headaches during Jugo as well. 

The two winds can sometimes come at once which will for sure soak you, freeze you and break your umbrella. Luckily we have heating, umbrella stands and a place to dry your clothes!

So for the most part, Split is a place of mild and pleasant weather. When it gets too hot we go for a swim, when it gets too cold... well it never does, but when the wind blows, we wrap up and move quicker, or stay in the cafe for longer!

Visit for more in depth climate information.

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