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Why Split should be your next co-working location - City Size

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No car, no problem!

When you find out there are only 180,000 people in Split, you think it's a pretty small city. When you find out they are all packed into a small area thanks to the brutalist apartment blocks built between the 60s and 80s, you start to realise how small the city really is, and therefore how easy it is to get around. So bring your most comfortable shoes and get ready to explore after working each day!

Ups and downs

You'll also understand that with mountains so close to the coast, the city is pretty hilly. This shouldn't stop you walking around though, you've just got to find the nicest route for your legs. This will also tone you better than any Madonna workout would!

Nooks, crannies, and walkthroughs

hidden garden split

So Google Maps is great for navigating, but it won't encourage you to cut through one neighbourhood, cross a park or take the underpass. You'll come across a few hidden gems, such as the courtyard garden above, and once you've got your route down to a T, you'll be navigating Split with ease.

Many of our coworkers comment on what a breath of fresh air it is to be able to walk from work to the beach, from home to the city, and from their local cafe to their friend's in less than 20 minutes. They enjoy the extra time outside, the walks along the coast and the strolls along the Riva. Our coworking space is a 20 - 30 minute walk from the old town, or a 45 minute seaside wander, either of which provide you with the head space to plan or reflect on the workday.

So reduce your carbon footprint and get walking around this special little city!
(Buses or uber available on request)

Check out a few custom made Split walking tours here:

Or see what other people find in their neighbourhoods:

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